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flickr- BriceFR

flickr- BriceFR

One thing on my “do it or lose it list”  is definitely a satin pillowcase. Black hair, especially, is fragile and prone to damage – so I think every woman should be sleeping on one (or have a silk cap or scarf). If any of you sleep like me, caps and such may come off – or you just forget to put them on to begin with :OP

Therefore, a satin pillowcase would be a best bet in the long run.

Cotton rubbing up against your hair, can mean terrible friction and damaged ends (middles and everythings). This is on my “do it or lose it” list because its a small tip that can give you very noticeable results.

Many of you that sleep on satin, probably know the difference between what your hair looks like on cotton vs. silk days. lol

So lets get our beauty rest the right way! Invest in something that feels better (and only takes a few of your dollars) and leaves your hair looking better. Trust me, there will be less stress in the morning :O>

:: Hope this helps ::


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Dani’s Do it or Lose it List: Garlic – the ANTI breakage formula


The key to growing black hair is in stopping breakage and, therefore, retaining your length. The misconception that black hair can’t grow very long is a common and sad error. The biggest issue usually lies in the frail nature of black strands. Sometimes, merely brushing (or using the wrong comb) can set your hair growth journey back by miles.

One of my favorite anti-breakage formulas is garlic shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to get the unscented bottles, unless you want to go around smelling like a Pizza Hut breadstick!


Garlic stops shedding in its tracks!

I can definitely attest for this product. I don’t use it often, but when I do, I literally see results in a day or two.

The pic I posted is the brand that I use, but you can mix grocery store garlic (don’t go overboard please) into your own conditioners (or hair oils) if you like making your own concoctions at home.

:: Hope this helps ::

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Dani’s Do it or Lose it List: NATURAL OILS


Whipped Shea Butter....mmmmm :->

Ladies, please DROP KICK every jar of hair grease that comes into your line of sight! lol

But seriously, hair grease is not a good look. I’ve always hated its scent and consistency growing up, but I didn’t really know at the time how bad hair grease is for your hair!

The products to look for when shopping are those that contain natural oils. Natural Oils, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil and shea butter, are always best to use when oiling your hair (or scalp), they’re also great for your skin too. You should always be on the hunt for these essential oils. The higher up these oils are on the “key ingredients” list, the better.

Hair greases :O< on the other hand, are packed full of mineral oil and petrolatum (also known as petroleum) which clog your pores and steal moisture from the hair. ALOT of hair products use these ingredients as cheap fillers. So always turn the can/jar/ bottle of whatever it is you are using around and read the ingredients list!


Olive Oil

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Dani’s Do it or Lose it List : Hair Mayonnaise Deep Conditioner

I’m going to start a segment on products that I use and love. “Do it or Lose it” is just IMO and what helps MY hair to thrive (and not break). BUT OF COURSE, I wouldn’t be sharing these items with you ladies unless i thought they might greatly benefit your hair too ;>

Sooo…. My first entry for the “Do it, or Lose it List” MUST go to one of my favorite deep conditioners. This dc leaves my hair SO soft and manageable and it’s also great for stopping breakage.


My hair loves Organics Hair Mayo. I simply wash my hair and instead of my regular conditioner I’ll distribute this evenly through wet hair, put on a shower cap, and sit under the hooded dryer for 10-15 min before washing the dc out.

I do this (when I’m good) once a week or every two weeks. But I recommend this as a treatment to help bolster anyone’s hair moisture level. It’s packed with protein and the heat gives this treatment an extra punch!

Hope this helps!

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