Hair Mavens: Noémi Lenoir

French model Noémi Lenoir is a striking inspiration for beautiful and bold hair. She made her way into the fashion industry at only 16 (when she was signed to Ford Models), and her modeling career has flourished from one campaign to the next. You’ve seen her face in ads for L’Oréal, Gap and Victoria Secret – just to name a few.

In 2007, Lenoir took a rather noticeable hair stance and cut her gorgeous curls– bald. She’s great inspiration for any ladies who have no intention of transitioning. Confidence is key, and Lenoir shows this well!


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Hair Mavens: Rochelle Aytes

The first time I saw Rochelle Aytes was in White Chicks, and I think she stood out because of her big beautiful curls in the movie. Aytes has since done a lot of work with Tyler Perry (Madea’s Family Reunion and House of Payne), and she has also had some reoccurring roles on the small screen (NCIS and Drive).

Although she wears her hair in a number of styles both straight and curly, I’m sure you can tell where my preference lies :)

This is a great inspiration pic for an attainable length (in my not-so-distant future). This is for all my fellow BC’ers that may be missing their length, while loving their newly natural locks!

Here’s to another familiar curly that will go down in Hair Mavens history.

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Hair Mavens: Chrishell Stubbs

Chrishell 1

This hair maven’s mane is no joke. Chrishell Stubbs is originally from Turks and Caicos, and has graced the pages of Teen Vogue and modeled for Gap and Levi. I really couldn’t find that much info on her, so don’t for guilty for just gawking at her gorgeous hair – I left you no choice!

I love how versatile her hair is – looks like a curly 3c/4a type that kinks up when manipulated. And I know all about curls that go poof!

:: Enjoy ::

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Hair Mavens: Sydney Tamiia Poitier

Jeff Balke / flickr

Jeff Balke / flickr

I think we’re past due for a new edition to Hair Mavens :

So kudos to Sydney Tamiia Poitier

As if Sidney Poitier being your father isn’t fabulous enough, this hair maven carries around more than just the acting legacy of her  pops. In case you hadn’t noticed, she rocks a mane that goes on for days (and yes, ITS HERS). Her acting roster isn’t too shabby either. This 5′ 11” natural beauty has touted notable roles, from the big screen (Grindhouse) to network dramas, like Knight Rider and Joan of Arcadia.

Jeff Balke / flickr
Jeff Balke / flickr

Here, I’d usually have a segment that reveals some beauty tips or hair regimens from Ms. Poitier….but this sista was pretty elusive! I decided to add her to the roster regardless of my failure to dig up the goods :>

Hopefully, her mane can give us a heightened sense of mystery and self-motivation.

After all, other manes may inspire you, but you should never love a head of hair — or learn to nurture one —  like your own!

:: Grow on ::

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Hair Mavens: Liya Kebede

Liya Kebede on the catwalk. WORK.                  (wikipedia)

Liya Kebede on the catwalk. WORK. (wikipedia)

Ethiopian model Liya Kebede makes the latest addition to my Hair Mavens archive.

Not only has she graced the covers of  American Vogue, but she’s also been the face of Italian, Japanese, Spanish, French and Korean Vogue mags.  The native of Addis Ababa kicked her modeling career off in the city of Paris and later relocated to NYC (where she now resides). In 2003, Kebede also became the first woman of color to be the face of  Esteé Lauder.

Some products she lives by??

She told Allure (in Sept. 2007):

Kerastase Bain Satin Shampoo and Nutridefense Conditioner – “I love to use this line throughout the fall and winter to keep my hair shiny and feeling soft.”

:: Take it from a model- who probably feels the pain of over processing/styling on a daily basis ::

chill mode                                            (wikipedia)

chill mode (wikipedia)

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Hair Mavens: Esperanza Spalding


Our newest Hair Mavens addition is the multi-talented Esperanza Spalding.

The bass player/jazz singer started playing the bass at the young age of 14 , and began writing/singing at about 15. Not only is Esperanza known for her skill and grace on the bass- a relationship which she describes as “waking up one day and realizing you’re in love with a co-worker” – but she also turns heads with her awesome crown of kinks and curls. did an interview with the artist on her hair care routine:

ymib: What things do you like to do to keep your spirit, beauty, and health balanced?…Also, being that we celebrate Natural beauty here on ymib, we would love to now how you take care of your beautiful natural curls(any favorite products/regimens, etc.)?

Esperanza: Well, I try to meditate as many mornings as possible, and I run at least 3 times a week. keeping a sugar-free diet and drinking LOTS of water keeps me feeling good and healthy. For my curls, I use an Organic Jojoba Conditioner and pure olive oil. They seem to like those two things.

Want to read more of the interview? Click the link.

YMIB.COM – Esperanza interview

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