Quick How-To: Ponytail Roller Set

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I said I would share my ponytail roller set experience, so here goes. I did this a couple months ago, and have been  planning to post the results for awhile ever.

This is basically a low-heat method to get your hair straight or stretched. It’s also great for naturals or transitioners because it’s quicker and easier than a traditional roller set – plus, the ponytails allow for more ease with straightening roots.


– Cleansed hair with Apple Cider Vinegar & Water mix
– Conditioned with Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner

Roller Set How -To & Pics:

1.  I did 4 ponytails down the middle (mohawk style) then 4 on each side. Used black satin pontytail holders that don’t pull out/snag  hair.

2.  I used a spray bottle of water and HE Long Term Relationship Leave-In to “set” my hair. I sprayed each section before rolling, to make sure it was soaking wet, easier to roll and less prone to frizz while drying.

3.  Use a fine tooth comb to help comb detangled length and ends over roller. Make sure to keep the roller pulled taut, since this aids in the straightening process!

** I wouldn’t recommend the pins I used in the pics below! They weren’t bad or anything, but I  made do with them. I much prefer the ones I have now – duckbill clips. These are the standard clips most sane people use while roller setting. **

** I used medium sized rollers to set each ponytail firmly in places (with pins) – You may need larger or smaller rollers depending on length of hair: longer hair = larger rollers; shorter hair = smaller rollers **

4.   Sat under dryer until hair was completely dry.

5.   Lightly flat ironed each ponytail section with Sedu on low setting – *could have done without this step – next time, I’ll cut out the flat iron entirely to see results.

6.   Saran wrapped hair and sat under dryer for 15 min – this takes some of the “bulk” or weight out of your hair, if you want a silky-straighter look.

The whole sectioning/ponytail and roller setting process (minus the time under dryer) only took about an hour. Also, this was my first time trying a roller set this way – It wasn’t perfect, but it was surprisingly nice!  I intend to get faster with practice.


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