Tips for Textured Hair: Combing and Brushing

flickr/ raynfree1

flickr/ raynfree1

See that pretty mountain of combs and brushes??

Well most of them are a big no-no on black/textured hair :OP

A lot of people swear by either strictly combing their hair – or only using a brush. Some even resort to only finger combing their strands. While I don’t intend to advocate combing over brushing (or vice versa), I do think its a good idea to be aware of how you treat your hair during daily grooming.

Personally, I comb and brush my hair, because I think it’s more a matter of what comb or brush you use combined with your technique – rather than which method you use. Now, if your hair thrives with your current method – please stick to what works for you. But if some of you are wondering “what’s the big deal?” or how you can treat your hair a little better, I’m happy to offer some advice….

First Fact?

Black strands are fragile so you should always handle your hair as delicately as possible (no matter what you’re doing – washing, towel drying, grooming, etc).

With that being said, here a just a few combs/brushes that I have and use quite often:

1. I LOVE my Denman D31 – I use this in the shower, to detangle my hair when its full of conditioner (which, at the moment, is a mix of some honey and Suave Tropical Coconut conditioner)

2. I use a wide tooth comb – the Jilbere shower comb is great great great for transitioners, naturals and relaxed ladies who want to comb without snagging.

3. I also have a 100% Boar Bristle brush for smoothing my edges down (it’s a wooden Ricky’s brush that’s on the larger side – like a paddle brush). Boar bristles are a lot softer than plastic or nylon bristles.

All of these styling tools are great options for black hair because they are more gentle on tresses (as long as you are gentle while combing/brushing) and they don’t pull at -or pull out- the hair. One of the biggest threats to healthy textured hair is breakage, so I think any of you ladies could benefit from having these styling essentials.

flickr/ lanabelle

flickr/ lanabelle

**Another note **

Try to comb and brush hair in sections when detangling your hair! Trying to detangle a mass of hair can result in you losing more than you gain…literally.

If you’d like to read more about combs and brushes (and techniques) that are best for black textured hair, click the link to read a great article at that talks a lot about options for maintaining healthy tresses.

–> “Combs and Brushes” article

:: Happy Styling ::


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Beautiful Bed Heads

flickr- BriceFR

flickr- BriceFR

One thing on my “do it or lose it list”  is definitely a satin pillowcase. Black hair, especially, is fragile and prone to damage – so I think every woman should be sleeping on one (or have a silk cap or scarf). If any of you sleep like me, caps and such may come off – or you just forget to put them on to begin with :OP

Therefore, a satin pillowcase would be a best bet in the long run.

Cotton rubbing up against your hair, can mean terrible friction and damaged ends (middles and everythings). This is on my “do it or lose it” list because its a small tip that can give you very noticeable results.

Many of you that sleep on satin, probably know the difference between what your hair looks like on cotton vs. silk days. lol

So lets get our beauty rest the right way! Invest in something that feels better (and only takes a few of your dollars) and leaves your hair looking better. Trust me, there will be less stress in the morning :O>

:: Hope this helps ::

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Heat Damage: Not Cute and Not Healthy to Boot!

Even the mannequin knows whats up.

Even the mannequin knows whats up.

Okay….every now and then a little heat is okay to give you the results you are trying to achieve. BUT too much heat will definitely kill your hair (especially black hair being that it is so fragile).

I admit that I have been guilty of overheating my hair over the years, but over the past several months I’ve been laying off the flat iron and I’ve seen alot of progress in my hair.

So! How do you achieve straight looks without the damage?

Rollerset, Rollerset, Rollerset….Then Get Under the Dryer!

A hooded dryer supplies you with heat, BUT INDIRECT HEAT which does not cause hair wreckage like, flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, etc

This technique DOES take some practice, but your hair will have swing, body, and shine.

I’ve added a youtube video I found for those of you who’d rather see about it, than read about it ;>

FYI : the shorter your hair the smaller the roller.

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