Dani’s Do it or Lose it List: Garlic – the ANTI breakage formula


The key to growing black hair is in stopping breakage and, therefore, retaining your length. The misconception that black hair can’t grow very long is a common and sad error. The biggest issue usually lies in the frail nature of black strands. Sometimes, merely brushing (or using the wrong comb) can set your hair growth journey back by miles.

One of my favorite anti-breakage formulas is garlic shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to get the unscented bottles, unless you want to go around smelling like a Pizza Hut breadstick!


Garlic stops shedding in its tracks!

I can definitely attest for this product. I don’t use it often, but when I do, I literally see results in a day or two.

The pic I posted is the brand that I use, but you can mix grocery store garlic (don’t go overboard please) into your own conditioners (or hair oils) if you like making your own concoctions at home.

:: Hope this helps ::


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