KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: Protein and Moisturizing Conditioners


ElastaQP Mango Butter - A MOISTURIZING CONDITIONER has a great bit on classifying your conditioning products. It’s always a great thing to know what you’re putting on your hair, because if you know this, then you can figure out what you’re doing to your hair.

Pictured above and below are two various conditioning products (which are both great, by the way). One moisturizes, while the other provides protein.

Here’s a segment from the motowngirl site explaining the difference:

Protein conditioners help to make the hair stronger…You normally need to follow up treatments with a moisturizing conditioner. If you use too much protein on your hair, it will feel hard and brittle, and could eventually break off.

Moisturizing conditioners are water-based and essential for natural hair in restoring softeness and moisture. They help to make the hair soft and retain elasticity, which aids in decreasing hair breakage…Using moisturizing conditioners too often can cause the hair to feel weak and limp.

On the whole, its usually good to do protein treatments sporadically vs. moisturizing¬† products which are normally used daily. A protein treatment once every 2 weeks (or once a month) should do your hair justice and give balance. However, one should always pay attention to their hair “signals.” You’ll know when enough is enough with either conditioning product. Only your hair can tell.

ORS Replenshing Conditioner - A PROTEIN CONDITIONER

ORS Replenshing Conditioner - A PROTEIN CONDITIONER

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